Non-Personal Selling

Direct Mail

Direct mail allows you to get product information and samples to targeted customers. This method is a cost effective way to increase overall healthcare provider reach and expand household penetration through increased sampling. ProPharma Sales’ direct mail capabilities can manage any type of shipment, large or small, offering flexibility to target specific geographies or canvas the entire country. Direct mail programs can be run independently or in conjunction with face-to-face or other alternative marketing promotions.


An innovative way to reach healthcare professionals in the 21st century.

Studies indicate that nearly 90% of physicians access the internet for medical and prescription drug information. This increased trend has opened an entirely new way to access healthcare providers. E-Detailing enables healthcare professionals to get the information they want in an innovative and cost effective manner. ProPharma’s state of the art technology and E-Detailing platform make it possible to deliver quality product presentations to healthcare professionals, as well as the ability to execute integrated online surveys, market segmentation and targeted project execution.

E-Detailing is an innovative and cost effective way to navigate industry complexities.

ProPharma will customize an E-Detailing strategy that aligns to your business needs. We offer a portfolio of E-Detailing options that can be executed nationally or in specific geographies based on the healthcare professionals you are trying to reach. Available programs include:

  • Dedicated E-Detailing
  • Shared E-Detailing
  • Face-to-Face/E-Detailing Combination

ProPharma’s E-Detailing programs are tailored to your business objectives and offers:

  • Increased reach
  • Improved access and greater selling time to healthcare providers
  • Supplemental promotion to face-to-face sales team
  • Ability to leverage ProPharma’s Medical Affairs and Clinical Education teams during E-Detailing interactions
  • A user friendly system to streamline the process; no required installs or downloads that may complicate or interfere with the E-Detailing objectives


ProPharma’s Tele-Promotions platform offers you the ability to increase your call and sampling reach to healthcare providers, without increasing the size of your salesforce.

ProPharma Tele-Sales Specialists provide clinical and product information to healthcare professionals at your desired frequency. During the call, the Tele-Sales Specialist will offer to ship product samples (if applicable) to heighten the likelihood for action. All ProPharma Tele-Sales Specialists are trained on required regulatory compliance and adverse event protocol and are held to the highest of professional standards to ensure your company is well represented.

Our Tele-Promotion platform can provide 100% geographic coverage (U.S.) through message detailing and/or sample offers to targeted healthcare providers. These Tele-Sales programs can be used independently to cover “white space” geographies or in conjunction with face-to-face promotion or another alternative marketing strategies. Tele-Promotion is a great way to cover non-called on physicians or as a supplement to other promotional activities.

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