Sales Teams

ProPharma Sales offers complete or a la carte customized sales solutions to meet any business need.

Our services include:

Strategy Development • Recruiting & Hiring • Training • Sales Management.

Every business is unique and ProPharma Sales is dedicated to providing a wide range of flexible promotion options for our clients:

  • Full or Part-time options
  • Team Size – whether you need 2 sales representatives or 2,000 ProPharma Sales can meet your needs
  • Regional or National Reach
  • Complete management structure (if applicable)
  • Robust Influencer Reach
    • Healthcare: PCP, specialty, hospital based, pharmacy and dental sales representatives,
    • Consumer: Our consumer promotions team will target key influencers within the consumer segment you are trying to reach. These include: Real estate agents/brokers, coaches, teachers, business owners and others.
  • Opportunity to rollover high performing sales representatives into your organization

Medical Advisory Board

Medical Science Liaisons

Medical Science Liaisons are often needed as consulting professionals and ProPharma is positioned to offer its clients MSLs that further their organizational goals. Our MSLs are uniquely equipped to build strong relationships with thought leaders/key opinion leaders and targeted providers. Our MSLs interact with regional and national societies and associations that yield access to key influencers in markets across the industry.


ProPharma Sales is dedicated to remaining 100% compliant with industry, regulatory, client specific policies and federal/state/local requirements. All ProPharma Sales Team members receive mandatory training for applicable topics, including:
  • Industry regulations
  • PhRMA Code
  • Sunshine Act
  • Client specific policies and requirements
  • Proper Expense reporting
  • Applicable federal, state and local governance
  • Sample management and facilitation
  • Interacting with Health Care Professionals (HCPs) guidelines
  • Accepted practices of medical education
  • Prescription drug promotional activities
  • FDA, OIG and ACCME Guidance
  • Post-marketing reporting of adverse events
  • Bloodborne pathogens (required by many Health Care facilities)
  • Ethics of doing the right thing for customers and business partners
    • Medical affairs

Global Headquarters

2 City Place Drive
St. Louis, MO 63141

Cincinnati Office

5770 Gateway Blvd., Suite 203
Mason, OH 45040